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How does scan class offset works for PI OPC DA Interface (version

Question asked by Anjali_B_Tayade on Apr 24, 2019
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We have installed PI OPC Interface(version on OPC server machine. OPC server is getting data at 12:00 AM but it is written in PI Data Archive at 1:00 AM.

On OPC server there are KPIs which take ~1 hr (from 12:00 AM to 1:00 AM) to generate and it finishes its calculation at 1:00 AM and data is written in OPC server with a timestamp of 12:00 AM.

But when we check in PI the data is written at 1:00 AM (we assume that this is happening due to PI Interface getting data from OPC server at 1:00 AM, so is being written in PI).


For Resolution, we have added a scan class with offset. Ex : 24:00:00,01:30:00, but still the data is not written at 1:30 AM. Data is being written next day at the time the interface was restarted after adding the scan class.


Can anyone help me to resolve this?