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Locked Out After 2016 Upgrade

Question asked by Optrix on Apr 29, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by Optrix

I've found myself locked out of PI since upgrading to 2016.


I previously connected via the piadmin account and explicit login (this is a system set up in a testing environment without a domain controller, so there was no urgent need to set up a mapping between user account and the piadmin account).


However, since the upgrade to 2016, the security level appears to have been set to disable explicit login. Since my domain login doesn't have an administrative mapping, I've now got no login available with the access to re-enable explicit login.


Is there a way that I can update the security level and re-enable explicit login long enough to create a new mapping between my user account and piadmin? Or perhaps directly update the database outside of the protection of SMT?


Note that there do appear to be one or two knowledgebase articles about this, but none of them are coming up at the moment ( KB01343 looks promising ), but none of the KB articles seem to be working today.