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ProcessBook 2015 ( Tag Search Dialog : Remembering/Saving Added Columns/Attributes in Lower Display Pane

Question asked by mpa on Apr 26, 2019
Latest reply on May 6, 2019 by Eugene Lee

Simple question: 


Every time I open the Tag Search dialog to search for tags, I have to search by "Exdesc" to find what I'm looking for (this is due to the way the tags are auto-created in our system, making the simple 12-character tag name too cryptic to search on).


I like to also add this column in the lower display pane because it makes it clear that I have the correct tag.


Is there any way to keep the "Exdesc" column in the lower display pane *all the time* (so I don't have to keep adding it back in every time)??


In other words, I'd like this column to be a "standard column" (along with the "Server", "Tag", and "Descriptor" columns ... which always appear).


Is there some Configuration File somewhere I can edit to make this happen?