AF 2.3 Writing a PI value via an EventFrame at specific time

Discussion created by aldorexbraam on Jul 11, 2012
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Hi I have a problem writing historical values to via an eventframe to a PI tag for a specific time:


The scenario:


EventFrame has attributes of which some are connected to PI tags. 


When creating an eventframe in the past the attributes that are not linked to a PI tag do nicely get the timecontext of the eventframe. so far so good


in the case of the PI tag the time context is not so clear since the eventframe always is about an INTERVAL, so we need to make choices, use the start of the EF of the endtime. Currently AF makes completely the wrong choice by using the current datetime for the insert. 


So my question is this:


1) Is it possible anyway to write to a PItag via an EF for a specific time


2) If (1) How can I control how PI tag linked attributes are written to the archive (using start, end time) 






Aldo Braam