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    PI AF 2012 Beta 2


      Hi everyone:


      The PI AF 2012 Beta 2 has been posted in the download center under pre-release.  As opposed to the AFSDK CTP which only included the AF client, this posting includes the AF server, AF client and the Developer's kit.  As with all pre-releases, these will time out and should not be used in a production enviornment.  This is the last anticipated beta before release.


      For PI AF 2012, the major areas that we would like to get your feedback on are:


      1) Rich Data Access - for those who are not familiar with this, please have a look at the recording of a webinar on this topic here: http://vcampus.osisoft.com/auditorium/m/webinars/15224.aspx


      In this beta we have fixed all known bugs and further improved the performance for accessing PI archive data.


      2) Table lookup data reference that now supports time series data from external tables.


      3) PI AF Builder enhancements that allows you to reset elements/attributes back to its template en mass, and ability to import attribute values from data references into your spreadsheet.


      Please direct all comments/questions to either this forum or directly to myself (skwan@osisoft.com) or to the general Beta AF mailbox BetaAF@osisoft.com



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          Hi Steve,


          In other forum posts I have seen a reference being made to the namespace "OSIsoft.AF.PI" which will allow us to access PI in a similar fashion to PI SDK by using pi tag names directly instead of building an underlying AF structure.


          Just wanted to find out what level of support the new SDK has for fanning/buffering data to HA collectives?

          It is known that PI SDK has limitations on replacing duplicates and editing annotations in a HA collective environment once the value has been put into all collective members. Hence I am wondering if these issues are addressed in this new SDK or does this SDK impose similar limitations in the HA environment?

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              Fanning and buffering are not yet supported in the new (upcoming) AFSDK (i.e. PI AF 2012, v2.5).  These functionalities will be available in the follow on release.  They are on the to do list.

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                  Thanks for the information Steve.


                  Is there a time line by which the follow on release will be available?


                  Also, would it solve all the issues with the current PI SDK Buffering or will it have the same limitations? It is important for me to know this so that we can make decisions on weather we implement our own fanning and buffering for a project.