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Parent template AF Analysis error in elements created from two different derived templates

Question asked by Mario.A on Apr 30, 2019
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Hello all!


The end goal of this is to have one analysis that is used by each derived template so that if changes are done to the analysis they will propagate to all elements using a derived template from "Base AVI". In making this, I ran into an error that I can't find mentioned anywhere and figured someone in the future will benefit from this discussion.


I have created a parent element template, "Base AVI", which has an analysis template, "Part Count". "Part Count" has its output mapped to an attribute in "Base AVI" called "Last 12h Total Parts". "Base AVI" has two derived templates "AVI NEW" and "AVI OLD". I have created two elements using each derived template: AVI 2 uses "AVI NEW" and AVI-1 uses "AVI OLD". There is no difference to the way "Part Count" is calculated in each element so logically I put it in the parent template.


Part Count Analyses.PNG

Element template and analysis.


Element Hierchy.PNG

Elements, AVI 2 uses "AVI NEW", AVI-1 uses "AVI OLD".


When I look at the analyses tab of the elements "AVI 2" and "AVI-1" they have an error that reads "An output attribute can only be mapped once. The following output variables are mapped in other analyses: Last 24h Total Parts mapped in \\...\AVI\AVI-1\Analyses[Part count]" if looking at the analyses for "AVI-1" or \AVI\AVI 2\Analyses[Part count] if looking at the analyses for "AVI 2". If I evaluate the analyses, I can see the result without an issue.

The attribute "Last 24h Total Parts" is setup to create a PI point when none exists named based on the element and "AVI Number" (a constant attribute set when making the element).


AVI-1 Error.png

Element AVI-1 with analysis error.


AVI-1 Error.png

AVI-1 attributes.


AVI 2 Error.png

Element AVI 2 with analysis error.


AVI 2 attributes.png

AVI 2 attributes.


This is how I understand it. By having the analyses in a template, the mapping of the analyses will look at the element using that template and use the attribute with the matching name (in "AVI 2" it will look for an attribute of "AVI 2" named "Last 12h Total Parts"). I can't understand why this won't work. I am thinking there must be an advanced option to map to an attribute within the element where the analyses exists, but I would imagine this the default. I am stuck. I tried looking for this error but I couldn't find anything.


Thank you all the help,