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Writing future setpoint values to a single tag from multiple setpoint values/timestamp tags

Question asked by alouette_pelr on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by Raja3206

I have PLC tags received from an OPC interface which represent the future setpoint values and the effective Timestamp.  I want to show a trend with those future values. Example :

Setpoint-Phase1-Value tag : 10

Setpoint-Phase2-Value tag : 20

Setpoint-Phase3-Value tag : 30

Setpoint-Phase1-TS tag: 01-may-2019 09:00

Setpoint-Phase2-TS tag: 01-may-2019 09:15

Setpoint-Phase3-TS tag: 01-may-2019 09:45


I want to put thoses values in a Future tag:

Setpoint-Future-Value tag :

01-may-2019 09:00 10

01-may-2019 09:15 20

01-may-2019 09:45 30


I tried creating  3 AF analysis (one for each Phase) but it's not allowed to map more than one analysis to the same output attribute (Setpoint-Future-Value).


Any idea ?