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Multiple values for an attribute in a Single Event Frame

Question asked by Sriram_amirapu on May 3, 2019
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we are using 'Step Continuous' type of Event Frame generation mode in PI AF Analyses and are getting Event Frames generated correctly. we have given an attribute as triggering input and whenever the value of this attribute changes we are getting a new Event Frame generated with all the attributes present in the Event Frame template.

But, we now want multiple values to be recorded for each attribute in a single Event Frame. At present, we are getting only the latest value of any tag in that Event Frame time range. but now we want all the given values to be shown in the same Event Frame.

please provide the necessary configurations to be implemented to make this work out.


I have also attached the screenshots of the configurations we've done for the reference.



below is accessing Event Frames in PI DataLink. in the highlighted box, we have given several values (80,65,78,...,12487) for that 'test tag 3' in that specific Event Frame generation time range. but it is showing only the latest value as 12487.