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Count and Average Run Time for a Piece of Equipment

Question asked by Derick_Tourne on May 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by Derick_Tourne

Hello, I have the following Pi data point (graph shown below), representative of a piece of mobile equipment that I would like to calculate the following:

  1. Count how many times the equipment runs in a specified time period.
  2. The average downtime between the equipment running (approximate)
  3. The average run time (approximate).
    • When it does run how long does it typically run for?



Being exact is not critical. I say that because I assume that in order for the equipment to be considered running some threshold value will need to be exceeded, and if I lost missed one of two counts because that threshold wasn't perfect, it's not that important. More I, am trying identify a pattern of behavior for this piece of equipment and close approximations are good enough if they are consistent.


I didn't get what I needed with the following formula (to get a Count of how many time the equipment operated in a certain time interval):

  • =PIAdvCalcFilVal('Tag_Name, Start_Time, End_Time,"'Tag_Name'>""10""","count","event-weighted","compressed","10m",0,1,0,"")

Got "0" as an output.


Thanks for the help in advance. Also, I'm very much a novice with PI and hope I can stay on the PI Data Link platform to accomplish the above.