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PI Integrator Error sending data to AWS S3 Bucket.

Question asked by Nurbaitie.arashid on May 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2020 by srm2

I am having issue with PI Integrator where I encounter these error whenever trying to write file to AWS S3 Bucket. Below is what I have done;


Step 1. I verify the connection to S3 Bucket using WinSCP on PI Integrator server. The connection is successful and I am able to connect & create file inside the bucket.

Step 2. Using the same AWS Key ID and Secret Key from Step 1. , I configure the connection in PI Integrator Target Page. The output is as below where it state that the connection successful and pi integrator able to create and delete test file.

3. I create a view and publish using target in Step 2. The outcome is Error Status a per below;

with attached log.


As in the log, the error change from these error ;


1. AWSS3Writer::Init: Source:'AWSSDK.Core' - Amazon S3 Exception: [-2146233088] - Error making request with Error Code ProxyAuthenticationRequired and Http Status Code ProxyAuthenticationRequired. No further error information was returned by the service.

2. CASTDataSet::Initialize: Writer Id=[0] Initialization error.


into these error;


1. SQLReader::RequestData_FullReload: Source:'.Net SqlClient Data Provider', Sql Exception: [-2146232060] - Invalid object name '09cb1dca-da15-4c4b-92d7-c5713a82dd61_PublicationMetadata'.



I haven't done anything between the error changes. How to solve this?