PI Coresight and adhoc trends

Discussion created by OxleyCreek on Jul 13, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by ccarrillo

I have been "playing" with Coresight for a little while and I have a couple of questions.


Is there any way to pass a list of tags (or AF Elements, AF Attributes) to a coresight page as a part of a URL?


It appears that at the moment Coresight is limited to two 'modes' of operation. Predefined pages or a user creates a new page and manually adds the items of interest to the display. There does not appear to be any capacity to define some type of default view (e.g. a blank trend canvas) and pass it the items of interest.


For example I would like to be able to build a URL that looks something like this:




And while I am at it I would also like to control some of the basic layout e.g. collapsesidebar=true


My second question relates to the URL that is created by coresight for a saved page. I have saved a page and called it  MyPage. When I look at the url for the page it looks like this  http://server1/coresight/#/Displays/37/MyPage. What is the number 37 and are there any circumstances under which this number would be changed. For example if I delete some of my saved pages or change a page to public is there a chance that the url to MyPage could be something different like http://server1/coresight/#/Displays/32/MyPage. This would be a problem because users would not be able to reliably bookmark pages.


Hope these questions make sense.