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Data from specific period of time depending on Tag status (AF and RtReports)

Question asked by zgallisa on May 8, 2019



I am working on some analyses in AF that I need to show on RtReports.  For example I have a process that has three tags: a Phase tag, a Phase Step Tag and a Sub Step Tag.  I want to capture the information of a group of machine parameter tags but only when the previous tags have a specific combination in their values. I need the values from the machine parameters in the period of time that combination is true.



Phase Tag = Phase 1

Step Tag = Step 1

Sub Step Tag = Sub 1


When this is true I want the equipment pressure, temperature and some setpoints values in that period of time only....


I was thinking on creating an analysis in AF that may verify if this condition is met and then do something....but there is my problem I don't know what .  I don't know if I can do this directly on RtReports or if its better to do something in AF first.


I hope I am being understood.


I'll appreciate any help.