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How do I sum monthly volume from daily volume in PI AF

Question asked by BlueStar on May 10, 2019
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We have daily volume for today (TDYVolume) and daily volume for yesterday ((YTDVolume). I need to calculate monthly/quarterly/yearly volume from daily volume for yesterday (YTDVolume). However, this YTDVolume has multiple same value for each day. For example


5/1/2019 1:00:30 400 bbl

5/1/2019 2:00:40 400 bbl

5/1/2019 5:20:40 400 bbl


For my calculation, I only need one value per day to sum them up. How can I do that? Also number of values each day are irregular and time stamps are irregular too.


We do have flow rate (Instantaneous rate bbl/d). The problem is calculation/backfilling is getting expensive over a period of time. The worst part is if I use TagTot to sum flow rate, I get incorrect data due to bad data quality in one month or two months.