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How to get the path of defined buttons in PI-PB

Question asked by Israa on May 8, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by John Messinger

Hello everyone,


I have big number of defined buttons and they are used to open PDF files, some have valid paths and others doesn't. I need to get the path of the button and check first if the path is valid the button is executed otherwise a message box will show that the document does not exists. I managed to do this but what I need is to have an automatic way in getting the path of the button instead of copying it from the button for each one of them.


So when a command button is pressed the code below is executed: 


Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()


Path1 = "W:\F1\TEP\FO\PRD\Document1.pdf"
If Dir(Path1) = "" Then
MsgBox ("Sorry! Document is not available currently")
End Sub


The part in bold is what I only need to automate. Any thoughts or suggestions?


Thanks in advance,