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Event frame configuration for multiple scenarios from the same trigger

Question asked by alexjj on May 9, 2019
Latest reply on May 9, 2019 by VAshok

I have a piece of equipment that generates a shutdown code when it goes offline. This automatically goes from 1 to 2. An operator is then meant to change the code to another value based upon the issue, a whole range of numbers between 3-15. When the equipment comes back online the code automatically goes to 1.


I'd like to measure (1) the time it takes the operator to change the code, and (2) the number of times the operator doesn't set the code.


(1) Could be start trigger = 2, end trigger > 2

Then I just take the duration of the events.


(2) Start trigger = 2, end = 1

Just count the number of events


These seem fine as stand alone events but together they "interfere". i.e. both always get triggered but only one scenario actually occurs, so how do I account for that? I think (1) is particularly susceptible, as it could keep going through multiple shutdowns if the operator doesn't set a code.


Any suggestions on the best way to approach this? I'd be fine with making multiple events then subtracting some from others to account for totals etc. but hoping there's a clean way to manage it.