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migrate archives without annotation files

Question asked by RLR10 on May 14, 2019
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I work for GE, we have many PI customers out in the field with various end users.  Many of our projects involve replacing an old PI server with a newer version.  Our typical method of moving the archived data over is to use piarchss to reprocess the archive files using an ID file.  So something like:


piarchss -id IDFile -if OldArchive -of NewArchive


We typically just make a Windows batch file to do the archives "hands free".  This works great most of the time.


We have an issue with a current migration where the old PI server did not use .ann files with the archives.  The piarchss process we use will not run without the .ann files.  What would be the best way around this issue?


I found some relevant cases with links to a KB article but the link is dead.