load and read attrubutes using af sdk

Discussion created by gajendra_konnur on Jul 18, 2012
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Hi , 


I am having around 50,000 elements in PIAF each having some attributes as shown:












I got the 50,000 elements with this using AF SDK.




myMtrElements = AFElement.FindElements(myDB, null, "MSP_*", AFSearchField.Name, true,


                             AFSortField.Name, AFSortOrder.Descending, startIndex, pageSize, out totalCount);




Now, I want to get  “State” attribute of each elements. Is it possible to get list of particular attribute (only) of all the elements in one call?


Otherwise ,I need to load attributes of 1st element ->read its “State” attribute then load second element attribute and so on..




What I want to achieve is to read current values and TimeSeries values of the “State” attribute of all the elements. Please assist me in deriving fastest way to do the same.












Gajendra Konnur