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PI Vision Extensibility Programming Documentation

Question asked by BlueStar on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by BlueStar

Where can I find PI Vision Extensibility Programming documentation? For example I am looking at the sample code from GitHub (Amcharts-bar) chart. There are some properties coming from Amchart. However, for the following keywords such as binSize, plotAreaFillColor etc, where can I find the documentation?


getDefaultConfig: function () {
return {
DataShape: 'Table',
Height: 300,
Width: 600,
minimumValue: 0,
maximumValue: 100,
binSize: 10,
showTitle: true,
textColor: "black",
backgroundColor: "white",
plotAreaFillColor: "white",
fontSize: 14,
useBarsInsteadOfColumns: false,
sortBinsByValue: false,
useGradientBinColors: true,
seriesColor: "red"


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