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PI OPC DA interfce refreshing OPC item ids

Question asked by sabernha on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by sabernha

We are using PI OPC DA interface to collect data from Siemens. Our current structure is they replicate OPC server data from one Siemens node to another where we pull the data from using the OPC DA interface to collect data into PI. The problem is when they do downloads to the control system and it updates the OPC server on the original node, they expect it to replicate to the other node in which we are pulling the data from. But we will have tags start randomly going into a "Configure" status. i am assuming this is because the interface kind of caches the OPC server structure and the structure might change slightly have the download? So our current solution is restart the interface after every download, which is quite often. Is there a configuration i am missing on the OPC DA interface that i can have it release and re add opc item ids from the OPC server every so often to avoid having to constantly restart the interface after every control system download?