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    PI Server 2012 Webinar is available


      The Builders' Café Webinar Series: PI Server 2012 is up in the Auditorium! You can also download the presentation in PDF format here.


      Have fun!

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          I watched this webinar, I want to figure out the IOPS file a new server.


          I understand that we need to take the Archived Events/50 to get IOPS for a new disk. How do we get the Archived Events Per seconds  from Perfmon

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              Ahmad Fattahi

              To configure PI tags to monitor and historize your KPIs including, archive events per second, you will need to configure an instance of the PI Performance Monitor interface. This could be PI PerfMon basic (included with PI Server 3.4.380 or earlier), or the PI PerfMon full (available with PI Server 2010 and later). For details on configuring this interface please see the Performance Monitor interface user manual installed to the PIPC\Interfaces\PI PerfMon folder or download it from Tech Support Download Center. You will also need PI System Management Tools and the user privileges to create points on the PI Server.

              1. Start PI Sysytem Management Tools and select IT Points > Performance Counters.
              2. On the Tag Settings tab select the desired PI Performance Monitor interface instance and scan class for these points.
              3. Select the Build Tags tab, and make sure you are looking at the counters for the correct PI Server node. If not click the "add a computer's counters" icon and enter the PI Server machine name or IP Address.
              4. Drill down and put a check next to the desired KPI (archive events per second in your case).

              Hope it helps.