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how to add multiple tag or attribute into PI Bar Chart

Question asked by BlueStar on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by BlueStar

I am following GitHub AmCharts-bar chart. However, I have problem to add second tag into bar chart. I know both bar get the same information. My question is how to update dataProvider section so each bar get different tag information?



function getChartConfig() {
return {
"type": "serial",
"theme": "light",
"backgroundAlpha": 1,
//"backgroundColor": scope.config.backgroundColor,
//"color": scope.config.textColor,
"color": "#1010bc",
"plotAreaFillAlphas": 0.06,
//"plotAreaFillColors": scope.config.plotAreaFillColor,
//"plotAreaFillColors": "#FF6600",
"fontFamily": "arial",
"marginRight": 10,
//"creditsPosition": "bottom-right",
//"titles": createArrayOfChartTitles(),
//"fontSize": 12,
//"rotate": scope.config.useBarsInsteadOfColumns,
"position": "left",
"title": "Value"
"categoryAxis": {
"title": "Monthly Value"
"graphs": [{
"id": "AmGraph-1",
"type": "column",
"fillAlphas": 1,
"balloonText": "<b> [[StreamName]] </b><br/>Value: [[Value]]",
"valueField": "Value",
"fillColorsField": "color"
"id": "AmGraph-2",
"type": "column",
"columnWidth": 0.1,
"fillAlphas": 1,
"balloonText": "<b> [[StreamName]] </b><br/>Value: [[Value]]",
"valueField": "Value",
"fillColorsField": "color"
//"rotate": false,
"dataProvider": "",
"categoryField": "StreamName",
"chartCursor": {
"cursorColor": "grey",
"valueLineBalloonEnabled": true,
"valueLineEnabled": true,
"valueZoomable": true
"zoomOutButtonImage": "",
"export": {
"enabled": true