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Printing Excel diectly from ProcessBook link breaks printing

Question asked by rflynn0820 on May 16, 2019

We are running OSI PI ProcessBook in a Windows 10 environment. Users open display consoles that have customized buttons to open browsers to go to websites; open network share folders to get to documents/data; and directly open documents. Users who attempt to open Excel spreadsheets directly from a ProcessBook display button cannot print to a network printer. The default printer shows up, but displays an error that reads "Cannot connect to printer". No drop down list is available to select other printers. We have to shut down OSI PI and logoff that user to reconnect to printers.


If the user has a button/link to go to the file destination, it opens the shared folder and the client must 2xclick on the file to open it. In this case, printing does work. Only when opening the file directly from a link in ProcessBook does printing fail.


Users are frustrated because they say this used to work in Windows 7 environment. Does anyone have any information about updates or configuration settings that might be tweaked so that opening a file directly from ProcessBook does not break printing...?