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WWInbatch Interface configuration/Batch Structure not Available in Batch Search

Question asked by zgallisa on May 17, 2019
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I have a doubt because I am configuring a WWInbatch Interface in Event Frames.  This is not the first time I configure this kind of Interface but this is the first time the batch is not complete in my batch search.


In previous times with other WWInbatch interfaces I've worked on,  after starting the interface, if a batch runs, The PiUnit would be created automatically under the path set on the Batch setup:


 Usually If I verify under the module at the SMT Module Database section,  I would see the name of the unit created...This is not happening with these batches. No unit is being created although the batch has already run.




If I search on the Batch Database I can see the batches, but no UnitBatches underneath or anything else:


I know something is missing but this is the first time this happens to me, so If someone know if I am overseeing something or if this could be caused by the way these batches are configured in Inbatch...I'll appreciate the help.