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Question asked by Arjun_Wayse on May 18, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by ssauder

I developed the Dashboard On PI PROCESS BOOK (15) and hosted the same on the PI vision (R2 17)  but some Dashboard looks perfect and some having issue with resolution compatibility. 


I tried the following solution but improvement in the error.

1.Windows resolution property.

2. ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT with a different browser.

3. Removed all the figures(PNG) file.

4. Tag annotations removed.

5. importing a Trend that has constant dates.

6. When a ProcessBook display uses an ERD data source and uses the default UOM, ProcessBook will use the EngUnits of the PI Tag associated with the AF Attribute (assuming it is that type of Attribute). Coresight will use the default UOM define for the Attribute.picoresight pivision