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Best ways to sync PI tags with AF

Question asked by GDKennedy on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by VAshok

Is there a best practice for syncing the PI server to PI AF server using the SMT?   I did find in the SMT under operation a link titled AF Link.  According to the icon the 2 databases are in sync, but it looks like it is only bringing in the tags that are set up in PI Batch, and nothing else.


Can I use this link to sync the rest of the tags and future tags added to the PI Server?   If I make changes to the PI AF server to a tag will that sync back to the PI Server?   Is there any chance of corrupting the PI server?


Would I be better off doing an export from PI SMT and then can that be imported into PI AF?


Sorry for all the questions, thank you for the help.