implementation / multithreading ?

Discussion created by sovain on Jul 21, 2012
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Hi Everyone,


I am trying to implement the notification module for C# Application. Having read a lot of topics here, I could not find an answer on my simple question.


What I want is to retrieve all Active notifications and make necessary parsing of Interface part with some values accordingly (change colors/flashing etc).


First of all: I do not have any web-service implemented to use a delivery point as WebService.


My question:  Should I implement additional thread in my application and, lets say, every 10 seconds make a request PI System for active notifications and make my actions upon the result ?


Actually, I do not want to go the  way with multithreading. For example, I am using the ActiveView Component for trends and I do not query or refresh anything to get my trends updated, it keeps the connection and works on a background.


It would be fine to have something similar to Notification.


Can I set like a callback / listener  to my function anywhere, so this will be called only when some Notification triggered ?


Can someone give me the idea / article or link to documentation where I can find  similar  solution ?


Thank you for your attention.