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Command Button Issue

Question asked by Israa on May 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by Israa

Hello everyone,


I have an issue in dealing with command button functionality, in my PC the code works perfectly but when my colleges press the button from their PC they get this error:



I also have another command button in another display that does the same function and its working perfectly with my colleges so I can't get why in the other one its showing that error!


Below is the code executed when the command button is pressed ( it to store the path of a defined button to a variable "ButPath" and then check if the button path is available it will be executed, otherwise a message box will show up).


Private Sub CommandButton13_Click()

 ButPath = Button28.GetDefinition().Action
 If ButPath = "*" Then
 MsgBox ("Sorry! Document is not available currently")
   End If

End Sub


Thanks in advance,