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Pi AF analysis

Question asked by CyrineHaboubi on May 24, 2019
Latest reply on May 24, 2019 by TimCarmichael

Hello everyone, 


I'm struggling with some analysis in AF : 


my analysis is based on the equipment downtime :


if ping1= "I/O Timeout"or ping2="I/O Timeout"   then 1 else 0 (The result mapped to Ping_Status variable)


if 'Ping_Status'= 1 and TimeEq('Ping_Status',t,'*',0)=0 then 1 else 0 

( the variable t  is equal to ParseTime("*300s "  )



The purpose of this analysis is to send a Pi notification when a device is offline if and only if  this equipment is down for up to 5 minutes otherwise it will be a spam because there are a lot of ping interruptions and this why I put *-300s  

in my analysis.


I wanted to know if my logic is correct ? Could you please help me to improve it .


Thank you in advance