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Team R2D1 - Recap

Discussion created by Robert Wai Employee on Jul 23, 2012
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Our team consisted of Robert Reeves, Robert Wai, and Dan Lopez (R2D1), and come from the techsupport team from OSIsoft's San Leandro, CA office. Our concept was a mobile-optimized web app that can run on smartphones, tablets, and standard PC’s.  The web app was our solution to the ever-increasing scale and complexity of PI Systems, which can make ordinary Manual Logging tour runs complicated, as there’s no easy way to keep track of where you are on a tour or where real-life machines are in relation to you.  Our solution, then, uses the Google Maps API to show a real-world view of your PI System by looking up the physical locations of elements in an AF Database.  In our example, we pretended that the Pheasant Run Resort was a plant, and we created an AF hierarchy that contains elements for different plant machinery, with each element having AF attributes for its longitude and latitude.  Using those coordinates, our app shows us the real-life AF elements around us, and moreover, it lets us read AF attributes of those machines and (if we enabled the feature) write back to those attributes.


The backbone to our web app was Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC3 Framework which made server calls via the AF SDK and presented the user interface which was generated by jQuery mobile.


The code is publicly accessible here, screenshots to follow...