PHP to updatevalue / updatevalues from URL

Discussion created by SMCELECTRICALIT on Jul 24, 2012
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Found this code (below) to connect to PI using PHP and it works fine. I would like to now UPDATEVALUES for a tag My goal is to pull values from the URL such as http://SERVER1/PIinsert.php&MYTAG1=1234&MYTAG2=5678 PIPoint.Data.UpdateValues(PItagname,MYTAG1) PIPoint.Data.UpdateValues(PItagname,MYTAG2) I can do this with PHP/MYSQL with no problem, having trouble figuring out how to get the data into PI. Anyone doing anything like this? should I forget Appache / PHP and just use IIS / HTML instead? any help would be appreciated. Borrowed Code:


Servers->Item("smce-osi-lab"); $myServer->Open(); echo "
"; echo "PI server time is {$myServer->ServerTime}"; echo "
"; ?>