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Optimizing status tags

Question asked by jasongogal on Jun 1, 2019

Hey gang, 


I'm working on some equipment status classifications and hour meter type of stuff. I started with a pump template that was published here, and am experimenting with it a bit and trying to optimize. 


One thing that I found in the original vanilla form was that the logic was susceptible to periodic and persistent Calc Failed errors, which would mess up the usefulness of the concept. 


With that in mind, I'm experimenting with optimizing the analysis steps in order to minimize expense. I generally test this by timing previews before going live. A good one will execute really fast in event-triggered scheduling, but sometimes I will go to periodic since that seems faster. 


Anyway, does any fresh set of eyes out there see a valid way to accomplish error handling within this type of calculation, as well as optimize both the output data density and expense of the calculations? Or have any comments in general? 


This is a fairly vanilla and basic use case, but I do want to get it right and optimized before rolling it out to hundreds of elements.