Final Report Details & Discussion

Discussion created by aredding on Jun 4, 2019

Hi everyone!


For everyone registered in the course, provided below is what I’ll be looking for in the final project due by next Friday, June 14, at 1 PM Pacific time:


The final project should contain:

  1. A few screenshots and a brief description of what the Analytics will be used for.
  2. Highlight at least one analysis that is working well and providing valuable information.
  3. How one or more of the following features are utilized:
    • Using templates to quickly create analyses and minimize long-term maintenance.
      • Organizing analytics by using naming conventions, Description, and/or Categories.
      • Adding comments (//comment) or separate lines (Shift+Enter) to an Expression or Event Frame analysis.
      • Using the Management Plug-in feature to:
        • organize and recalculate analytics in bulk.
        • change PI AF Analytics default settings (Management > right-click Operations or anywhere in right pane > Edit Analysis Service Configuration).
      • Using the Preview Results feature to verify analytics before checking in or recalculating.
      • Viewing Attribute data using PI System Explorer trending features (right-click an Attribute > Trend / Add To Trend / Time Series Data).
      • Sending an Expression analysis output to a PI Point.
      • Creating a Rollup analysis.
      • Creating an Event Frame analysis, optionally including a Naming Pattern and/or Event Frame attributes.
      • Creating a Notification.
      • Adding a shield at the beginning of analysis to protect it from bad inputs.
      • Automatically switching to a backup input in case a primary input is unavailable.


    Additional information is optional, and can include the following:

    • Steps for how to create the AF Analysis, so that co-workers can learn and repeat the steps.
    • Feedback regarding the course, and what was most helpful or exciting.
    • Future plans and project ideas for PI AF Analytics.


    People generally submit the project as a PowerPoint presentation, Microsoft Word, or .PDF document.  It would also be okay to simply place the content into an e-mail.


    All projects will then receive personalized feedback along with an official course certificate.


    Thank you again for attending our Online Course!


    Best regards,