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    Restoring A Backup


      A company recently sent me a backup of some of their PI data for testing, I have installed the PI server and AF on our test VM (running windows server 2K8 R2) and was wondering how to get the data they gave me into the PI system. I know the question is a bit vague but I am new to PI, any and all advice is appreciated.

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          Ahmad Fattahi

          It totally depends on the format of the exported data. Do you know how they did it and what format the files have?

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              If the sent you a PI Backup. Then take a look at the PI Server Administration Guide, there is a procedure on how to restore a backup. A couple of things to watch for:

              1. You must use the same version of PI.
              2. It is easier if the archive and event queue locations are the same. If necessary you can change them but this requires a bit of fiddling. I believe that this is covered in the admin guide.

              The last option is "phone a friend", aka techsupport (techsupport@osisoft.com). They are extremely helpful.

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                  The files are in a directory containing 5 sub directories which have a bunch of .dat and .arc files in them. I am not sure what version of PI they are running but I will find out, I installed the latest version that is available through here.  

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                      Then the "phone a friend" option described above is definitely your best bet. Our regular Technical Support team is better suited for these types of PI System Administration/Configuration questions, as well as end-user questions. They can even open a session where you would share your desktop and go through these things in detail.


                      The Virtual Campus program is meant to provide support/collaboration/resources around PI System integration and development topics (for instance this is the "AF SDK Development" forum, which happens to be the programmatic Software Development Kit).