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Connecting to PI Server via hostname yields incorrect mapping

Question asked by eanderson on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by cvallee

We are having an issue where connection to the PI Server via the hostname is no giving the correct mappings to security and I don't understand why.  We are working with OSI and our server group to resolve, but thought I would ask here in case someone has seen this very odd problem before.




My user account is mapped to the Admins group via mappings.  Has always worked fine, I am the normal admin for the server.  3 days prior, I logged in via SMT and things were all normal.  Now, when I log does not recognize me as Admin.  I obviously thought a problem with the security or someone changed something, but then realized if I change my connection in SMT to use the actual IP address, it works perfectly.  I can then see all the mappings (which have not changed), do other admin stuff, etc.


This is odd...I do not suspect a DNS issue, because it connects just fine using the just does not recognize me!  In the message log, it posts my correct username but maps me to PIDEMO whenever I connect via the hostname, but if I connect via the IP address it maps me correctly to PIADMINS.


Anyone ever seen this before or have an idea why this might be?  Seems to me if it connects at all using the hostname then it should be no different then using the IP address...but obviously something is not correct as it clearly does.


Thanks for any help provided.