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how to link to the home page on Pivision

Question asked by frank_twohig on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by frank_twohig

Hi is there a way to open PI vision on the "Home"  page by default as , opposed to all displays  ( see  attached jpeg )   


Im using this link

https://HOST/PIVision/#/     =  open PiVision on all displays  : 


when I initially open PIVision it brings me to the all displays section

Its a bit of overload when vision is opened on the all displays page first , I want to ease the user in with a single display on the home button location and provide info and links from there to lower levels.


initially open in all displays


when I click on the home button , the address does not change but the display does.


home page


Is there something that I can put on to the web address to bring me to the page that is shown when I click on the home button.