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Create link to view child event frame in PI Vision

Question asked by CarlB on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2019 by CarlB

Hello everyone,


I'm trying to create a link in an AF Notification that will take the user to a PI Vision display and see the Root Cause child event frame. The root cause event frame is just the previous two days.


My problem is, how can/do I reference the child event frame when building a PI Vision link in the Notification Message Format? I can find the event id of the parent event frame in the list of options when building the URL, but not the child.


If I can't access the child event frame ID and pass it in as a URL parameter, I was thinking I could build a display and pass in the start and end times as a URL paramter. The end time is easy, just the start time of the parent event frame. But how do I get the start time, which would be two days previous?


Thank you!