PI Web API Monitoring Application

Discussion created by brendan.john on Jun 7, 2019
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Hey all- I wrote a PI Web API monitoring application for my PI-using client (large utility plant), with the goal of tracking which PI attributes are used at what frequencies. At the plant we have a large number of custom applications that use the Web API frequently, but had no way of tracking metadata on usage. The PI system itself, specifically the AF system, at the plant has grown very large and has a large number of infrequently used datapoints/formulae etc. This monitoring application allows us to have real data on what PI points are most useful, and includes tracked metadata, like which user accessed which PI attribute from what webpage / application. 


Using access information, we were able to build a PI Health dashboard showing whether the most-used data is currently in good PI states, or in I/O timeout, calc failed or other error states. 


The basic architecture looks like this: 


I'm considering re-writing and packaging an open-source version of it, however I want to gauge from the PI developer community, would people find it useful? We're planning on growing it in-house to record more meta-data and have the PI Health Dashboard have more features such as showing quality of validly returned data, but if the wider PI community is interested I'd love to grow it in an open-source way too. Happy to hear any feedback!