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Suggestions for pulling large amounts of data from PI

Question asked by Koerkel on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by rdavin

I'm looking for suggestions for pulling large amounts of data from PI. I need 4 different PI points from roughly 20,000 elements for a time span of one year.  The data for each point needs to be summed to the ordinal hour.  

Here is the situation.  I have four substations with roughly 5,000 meters each measuring four different values (kWh delivered, kWh received, kVARh delivered, and kVARh received).  Depending on the meter, I will have either hourly data or quarter hour (every 15 minutes).  I need all data totaled to the ordinal hour for each meter.  


I have tried VB script in excel but that is taking a very long time (over 1 day for 5000 meters for one month).  I have also tried, but that is also taking too long (about 1 day for 5000 meters for two months).


FYI...I am using a pointlist in to make one call for about 2,500 meters with a timespan of one hour.