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EventCount in Analysis vs DataLink

Question asked by atellierccr on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by sraposo

I have an analysis in PI AF that uses EventCount on 2 attributes and then divide them to find a ratio. Eventually, it triggers a notification if the ratio is less than 75%.

When I reproduce the same calculation in DataLink or when I run a Preview or a Backfilling, the results are good. However, when the analysis run by itself (triggered every hour), the results are not always good : if the number of events is high (about >600), the count is correct. If the number of events is low (<300) the count return by the analysis is roughly twice the value that I expect. Between 300 and 600 events is a gray zone : sometimes the count is correct, sometimes it is not.

Therefore, the count may be correct on 1 attribute and bad on the other attribute. In this case, the ratio is out of range and a false notification is sent.

Here are the expressions used in my analysis :

NbRang : Eventcount('Rang','*-4h','*')

NbID : Eventcount('Pl-m ID','*-4h','*')/2

PctLu : if NbRang > 600 then (100 * NbID / NbRang) else NoOutput()

Note that this analysis was working fine until the upgrade from PI Server 2016 to PI Server 2018.


Any idea on what is going on ?