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PI Datalink function that returns the status that was for maximum amount of time

Question asked by Nandhini8588 on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by Dan Fishman

Hello All,

We have an excel report for MonthToDate calculations, where-in we represent the value of a PI tag for each day. The PI tag is a digital one and we need to represent the status that was for maximum amount of time in that particular day.

Eg:The PI tag has ON/OFF values in it, and for a particular day, if the PI tag had been in ON state for 17 hrs and in OFF state for remaining 7 hrs, the result should be ON.


Do we have a direct datalink function for it? If not please suggest how this can be achieved.


I thought of using FINDEQ/TIMEEQ functions and then applying excel formulae over it to calculate the state that has greater time range , however they seem to be bit complicated when applying for multiple tags.