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PI AF Version for development

Question asked by DanielPesch on Jun 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by rdavin

OK, so I'm going to write a small app to read my PI data and maybe later some AF data. 


a. My PI server (also my AF server same box) has AF SDK version

b. My development box has the same as above.


My question/s

1. Are these versions adequate for vs 2010 writing in

2. I'm importing the following below.. Is there an AFSDK  or did I miss something?

Imports OSIsoft.AF
Imports PISDK

3. Does the PI server and a developed app require the same AF SDK to proper run?


Note: I'm no doing anything fancy, reading tag values between dates, and some aggregate values. I'll also be using some oledb. We have recently purchased a PSA.


New guy.. please inform me... Thank you.