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    StreamInsight v2.1 + Rx

      What is going to be the long term impact for the PI for StreamInsight Adapters with SI 2.1 having tight integration of Reactive Extensions and the impending release of the AF SDK v2.5? i.e. creating observable streams without the OSIsoft adapters (using AF SDK PI & Data namespaces), and an observer that sends data back via AF SDK.






      Still exploring but wouldn't we also have the potential to replay queries in v2.1?  This would mean accessing historical PI data, which would be achievable via AF SDK. Or is performance of AF SDK on top of MDA still going to be a trade-off from the PINet adapters?



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          One more comment...surely there is some synergy between StreamInsight and plans for Programmed Analytics (Abacus).  You could define a LINQ query that is bound by the domain of the AF Template/Element/Model/Database, write the query stream syntax and Programmed Analytics 'simply' creates and schedules the query with a SI instance - monitoring AF for changes, obviously.

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            Hello Rhys,


            Thanks for asking!


            It’s great to see the increased coordination between Microsoft StreamInsight and the Reactive Framework (Rx).


            What this means for Microsoft StreamInsight and PI users is that if we were to support the Reactive Framework .NET methods to receive and send data with the PI System, the PI for StreamInsight adapters may no longer be required.


            We could certainly envision a time when the AF SDK supported the Reactive Framework methods.
            New users of StreamInsight could create applications using the new methods and StreamInsight.
            PI for StreamInsight users could update their applications to make use of these new methods replacing the PI for StreamInsight Adapters.


            There would be numerous benefits for our StreamInsight customers including:
            -     Additional data access support to the PI Asset Framework and Event Frames
            -     PI Data Archive – archive events access


            Worth stating, that with this vision, there may be some functionality that is supported say via code examples instead of being included in the AF SDK directly.  Then we’d need to confirm by developing these methods and testing the functionality and performance as you mentioned (Erwin is confident). We also need to consider our existing customers who are using PI for StreamInsight today.


            So what if we were to support the Reactive Framework methods in the AF SDK directly, providing new ways to access data from the PI System? 


            Would you prefer to use these new methods instead of PI for StreamInsight Adapters? Why?


            Would you have objections to using these new methods instead of PI for StreamInsight?


            Would you migrate your existing applications from PI for StreamInsight to these new methods?


            Do you have any other concerns, feedback or questions?


            Please let us know what you think, either here in the forum or via email/call.

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                Hi Glenn ...


                 The big challenge that I see with the adapters and the new model is that it is impossible to import CTIs from another stream into a IQStreamable created from an adapter. While you can use the AdvanceTimeSettings instead, this doesn't always provide the flexibility and synchronization that you really want.