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PI Analysis behaving erratically

Question asked by ArchNandakumar on Jun 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by mathiak

I have a rather strange problem

I have a pretty simple analysis configured:

Current Value:

TagVal('Oil Accumulated Volume', '*')  


TagVal('Oil Accumulated Volume', '*-2h')


if badval (Current_Value) or badval(Hr_Value) then NoOutput()
else if Current_Value < Hr_Value then NoOutput()
else (Current_Value - Hr_Value) * 12

this is writing to a pi tag


this analysis was working perfectly fine till Friday and suddenly all values showed 0. I thought the analysis was not trigged maybe due to some restart of the server and backfilled and recalculated the data which started showing me correct values. After 1-2 mins however, the values go back to 0. Preview results look fine. I dont see any errors in event log. Any idea what is happening?

Dan Fishman Lal Babu Shaik