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OSIsoft Server Install Engines

Question asked by BrianBolton Champion on Jun 18, 2019

I am planning a project to create 3 identical high availability PI systems. One system will be the live "production" system, one will be a "development system" and the third would be a "sandbox"system. All three of these systems will need to be identical. The sandbox system will be used to test updates to the Windows OS and any other updates prior to installing on the development and production servers. The development server will be used for creating new tags, editing or creating new AF structure and Event Frames and developing new PI Vision displays. All will be tested and verified before being pushed to the production system. I have not used "snapshots" before but I have used install engines to create exact copies of installations. I am interested in any ideas or experiences that my PI Square Community can share. The system will consist of Windows Server 2016, the latest versions of PI Server, AF, PI System Explorer, PI Vision, SQL Cluster, Interface Nodes and PI to PI Server.