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Error Updating Event Frames using PI Web API

Question asked by JSEMINARIO on Jun 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by JSEMINARIO

Hi everyone,


I developed and application that updates event frames using PI Web API.

Upon deployment I found this issue.

  • An admin user can update event frames.
  • A non/admin user cannot update event frames, even when this user is mapped to an identity with permission over the AF database where event frames are generated.


Web API Configuration




PATCH https://server/piwebapi/eventframes/F1Fmoy0KVLmlk0aCE0YjfqgaFgoy0KVLmlk0YAAAAAAALmlgUEVBTllTUlY0QUZQSVxNQU5URU5… 


"Name": "03 Evento Operaciones - 0240-FEA-0008 - 01/02/2019 04:39:58.006",
"TemplateName": "03 Evento Operaciones",
"ExtendedProperties": {},
"StartTime": "2019-02-01T09:39:58.006Z",
"EndTime": "2019-02-01T10:16:46.194Z",
"RefElementWebIds": [


Using basic authentication.


I receive this error, which indicates that the referenced element already exists, but I-m trying to update the event frame, not the element.


I-d appreciate any insights with this issue.

Thank you very much.