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    Multistate symbol with AF attributes


      Hi guys,




      I'm passing through the problem below.


      I have an AF element with the attributes:


      Flow: Flowtag (it’s a PI Point);


      MaxProj: 50 (the maximum value the flow could reach, set manually);


       MaxHist: obtained using the flow tag with value retrieval method to get the max value that the flow tag has reached in its history. (TimeMethod=TimeRange;RelativeTime=-5y;TimeRangeMethod=Maximum)


      So, Im trying to do a visual alarm in ProcessBook, using multistate symbol, based on some calculations, using those AF attributes.


      I would like to use something like:


      IF  Flow.tag > = MaxHist and < MaxProj then “multistate symbol get yellow”


      Else if Flow.tag >= MaxProj then “multistate symbol get red”


      Else “multistate symbol get green”




      But Im not finding a way to implement that logic in a symbol. How should I do that?




      Thank you.