vCampus Webinar: PI Event Frames + PI Data Access

Discussion created by tbrown Employee on Jul 31, 2012

Hello event frames fans!  We are going to be having a webinar on Aug 29 9:00 am PST that covers PI Data Access and PI Event Frames!


The Builders' Café Webinar Series: PI Data Access 2012 – Event [Frames] Integration


In this webinar, you will learn how PI Data Access 2012 can be used to retrieve Event Frame data in custom applications and systems integration scenarios. With PI Data Access 2012, this is possible in web services, SQL, or object-oriented applications. In this webinar, we will demo how to get Event Frame data in PI Web Services and how to use PI OLEDB Enterprise to drive various analyses in tools like Microsoft PowerPivot.


You can register here:




 Hope to see you there!


Todd Brown


PI Event Frames Product Manager