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Connect to AF Service through Load Balancer Errors

Question asked by ebelaski on Jun 19, 2019
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I am looking for direction or suggestions on troubleshooting connections to our AF Service.

I have installed the AF Service on two servers and the service is running on each. We have a F5 Load Balancer that resides over both nodes and directs traffic to either AF node. The Load Balancer has an IP address and domain name. Per instruction from OSIsoft, all AF clients should point to the Load Balancer for access to the AF Service. 

I have installed the AF Client on a separate node which will be the AF Analysis server. When trying to connect the client to the AF Service via the load balancer I get the following error messages:


AF connection vial Load balancer errors

I have the firewalls turned off on all servers. I have tried connecting using the IP of the Load balancer as well as the domain name and neither work. If I use the IP of the AF node itself (bypassing the LB) then I am able to connect. Our network team assures me that the LB is setup correctly. I am able to ping and telnet to the Load Balancer IP  using port 5457 successfully too. 

Any suggestions are appreciated.