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Random Quantity of Subbatches and random Qty of tables RtReports

Question asked by zgallisa on Jun 19, 2019



I have an issue with a report that I am working on.  I need to get some parameters information that are present inside a subbatch called Spraying, the issue is that this SubBatch can be repeated any number of times depending on the recipe.  For example I will get Spraying 1, Spraying 2, Spraying 3....but the number can be more or not a fixed quantity of subbatches...the thing is that I need to create a table for each Spraying that I get and present in that table some parameters (oh and depending on the data, the parameters in the table can be different)


Right now I have created a subbatch called Spraying* that is getting all the information that has the word Spraying on it, no matter which number follows (1,2,3,4,5...) but I need to separate it by Spraying 1(data), Spraying 2 (data)...and I don't see how to do this in any way other than to create a SubBatch for each "possible" entry…. and use the Spanning option.



But again, I can have multiple I need to know if there is any possibility to create a group of subbatches separately with each number...automatically, not just guessing.



Additionally there is the tables issue:  The issue is that each Spraying Subbatch can have a possible outcome depending on the data results... let's call it Spraying Inlet 1 (table 1), Spraying Inlet 2 (table 2), Spraying Out 1(table 3), Spraying Out 2(table 4) for each Spraying Subbatch I will have a total of 4 different tables that I can get. Believe me I do not want to create 4 random conditioned tables for each random Subtach entry...


The logic is something near this:


As you can see I am in deep trouble....I hope it is understandable.