1 Template for 2 different systems of units

Discussion created by rdavin Employee on Aug 1, 2012
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The 'systems' in the subject line does not refer to PI Systems.  Rather it refers to a unit of measurement system.  One such system of units is 'US customary units'.  Another is 'SI' (or metric).


We've put a lot of work into setting up an element template, painstakingly setting up all the attribute templates with their UOM's all initially based on 'US customary units'.  We would love it for that same template to be used for some customers in Europe who happen to use 'SI' for their system of units.  That way, any modifications to anything will only need to be done to 1 element template.  Note also that all formulas explicitly declare the UOM's for input parameters, and we're not talking about changing UOMClasses per system, only the UOM itself.  Right now we are early in the talking phase, and I've brought up that we aren't just talking about changing the attribute template default UOM but possibly the UOM for the underlying PI Point.  So the talking got messy quick.


In PSE there is a DisplayUOM feature.  I tested it out and was pleased to see if I refresh the element or the database that the DisplayUOM persists for that session.  But that's about it.  If you start a new PSE session, the DisplayUOM changes back to the default.  So as far as having the element template localized to a particular country or system of unit, I am stumped.


So is there anyway to achieve this without making a clone of the element template?  Is there anything on the drawing board that would provide such a feature in a future version of AF?